Wednesday, May 30, 2007

More Hate Than?!

Wow, I just heard something that I think I knew but hearing it - wow! I am sitting here looking at The Larry King Show. His featured guests are the Ex-Wives Club cast (Donald Trump's ex, Kevin Federlind's ex and Sylvester Stallone's ex). Larry King said that he was amazed to find out that research has proven that there is more hate and anger directed toward a spouse in an contested divorce, than hate directed toward an accused murderer from the victims family!

See I always said that love and hate are not polar opposites. No, no. They are one and the same because people hate with the same intensity and fervor as they love. In fact I think the fervor of hate is stronger.

The thing to remember is that kind of hate will kill YOU before it kills the person your hate is directed towards.

Here's the first gold nugget: A heart closed to giving love is a heart also closed to receiving love.

Here's the second gold nugget in this arena: Hating someone is like drinking poison and waiting for someone else to die.


Carmin Wharton, Author
Lessons Learned: While Looking for Love in All the Wrong Faces

Sunday, May 13, 2007

Be Mindful of Labels

Labels. We all use them. We label others, ourselves, circumstances - everything. Labels are, of course, useful for prescription containers, food containers, road signs, etc. However labels can be detrimental when one is seeking a mate. Take the 6 foot tall woman who refuses to entertain the thought of dating a man who stands less than 6 feet tall. She has assigned the "he's too short" label. Take the woman who is in a highly professional career; let's say she's an attorney or engineer. She may label the local mechanic as "a really nice guy but he's a mechanic-not a professional." Is he took "young" for you? Is he too "old" for you? Is the fact that he is or is not "Black," "White," "Asian," or "Latino" a label you are letting stand in the way of a potential mate? Remember, the package he's in is not indicative of what's in him.

Carmin Wharton
Author, "Lessons Learned: While Looking for Love in All the Wrong Faces"