Tuesday, July 3, 2007

Relationship Tips

5 Things to Remember About Relationships:
  1. If it hurts, it isn't love.
  2. You cannot change another person.
  3. Abuse always escalates.
  4. You can recover from a broken heart.
  5. You can love again.
3 Things You Must Do To Move Forward:
  1. Forgive yourself and others for creating relationship drama.
  2. Decide you deserve the best.
  3. Become the person you desire in a mate.
Carmin Wharton, The Relationship Teacher
Author, Lessons Learned: While Looking for Love in All the Wrong Faces


Ehav Ever said...

Hey Carmin, nice site. I think another one is leave emotional baggage behind, and start anew.

julie said...

Thank you for the great advice!